Our Services

Unlike many security firms, we don’t have security “packages” or “levels” of service. What we do have is a process of in-depth analysis and onsite inspection that ensures that every client and facility receives security plans custom-tailored to their specific needs.

For example, we provide very different security services for a variety of specialized markets because every industry has its own priorities.

Residential Real Estate
Residential security personnel must learn the community, its residents and its regular guests. The goal is to protect and communicate with residents while enhancing the quality of life in the community, detect potential issues and being aware when  something “isn’t quite right”.

Commercial Real Estate
To both building tenants and visitors, security is the “face” of the building. We specially select and train personnel who combine exceptional people skills and exemplary customer service with superior security knowledge.

Hotels and other hospitality clients often use security as an enhancement and extension of their in-house personnel. Our security officers understand how to work with, and in many cases, train in-house personnel to provide discreet security that enhances, rather than interferes with, a facility’s operations.

Distribution and transportation operations require a four-pronged security approach; protect people, protect facilities, protect operations and protect merchandise. Our personnel must understand all facets of the process and have expertise in combining personal and  technology-driven security.

Executive Protection and Armed Guards
LMC provides armed security as well as executive protection to our clients. LMC can provide a free quote for an individual threat assessment and security plan.

Hospital/Medical Facilities
Medical buildings provide special challenges. Our personnel must provide discreet security services while protecting facilities, staff  and patients while enhancing operations.

Both schools and campuses require security that protects students, staff , visitors and property. LMC custom-tailors programs that use personnel and technology to provide responsive, visible and effective security.

Manufacturing facilities often require around-the-clock security, and personnel must have a extensive knowledge of security technology. LMC evaluates facilities and trains personnel to protect people, facilities, operations and materials.

Constant patrols and vertical sweeps of multiple floors are critical. Our personnel have the knowledge and experience how to detect potential hazardous conditions.

Before working with a client, we analyze the general industry and the client’s specific facility, needs, priorities and personnel. We then design specialized training to be administered by our training experts, and we carefully select the personnel best suited to that client’s unique situation. We evaluate a client’s existing security technology and recommend improvements and enhancements.